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Awayk Brand Ambassador Program


Awayk is a venture-backed yoga and fitness clothing brand dedicated to spreading positivity and good vibes through inspired threads. Awayk ambassadors are are a passionate, positive, and enthusiastic group of professionals looking to spread the message of positivity and wellness to their campus. We’re looking for ambassadors who embrace our tagline, “Spread good vibes”, people who work hard, live a positive lifestyle, and share that message with those around them.



Awayk will provide a unique code for you to share with your community. This code will help us track all of your sales! You will receive a portion of every sale made with your special code. Every six weeks, we announce our top Awayk Ambassadors. Our top Awayk Ambassadors will receive a special Awayk Wellness Gift from us! In order to qualify as a top Awayk Ambassador, you must have a minimum of 5 orders made with your specialized promo code.



Free apparel from Awayk

Special code - 20% off for themselves & friends

10% Revenue share of Sales made with code

Featured on Brand Ambassador program Website

Included in all Awayk branded PR events

Opportunity to win free wellness gifts like Lush products, gift cards, and more!

Opportunity to be featured on Website & Social media

Opportunity to hold Awayk events & PR

Opportunity to work with Awayk on product shoots

Join Awayk's Mailing List & Recieve 20% Off

Be the first to receive updates about new arrivals, promotions, partnerships, and more!